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September 2021
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Shortcuts Nirvana, Part 2 (2)
August 2021
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Shortcuts Nirvana: How I Accumulated 800 Shortcuts (1)
April 2021
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Building Smart Automations With Apple Home, Siri Shortcuts (2)
February 2021
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Can You Fall In Love With A Watch Face? (0)


March 2019
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An Audiophile Listening Room with Apple’s HomePod (5)


October 2013
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Mars Themes and OS X Mavericks (13)


December 2012
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Trying To Tame Mountain Lion Without A Hat (3)
September 2012
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Still Thinking About It: Can You Mount A Lion Virtually? (3)
July 2012
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Introducing Smooth Black: A New Button Theme for CrystalClear Interface (3)
On Theming Mac OS X: How Long Can I Hold On? (3)
June 2012
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AppMenu Magic Conjures A Simpler, More Elegant Menubar (4)
Dress Up Your Mac’s Authentication Panel With Crystal NIBs! (2)
March 2012
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Too Tame To Tempt:   Eleven Things That Keep Me From Upgrading to Lion (Mac OS X 10.7) (14)
February 2012
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The Bother of Biological Bodies (1)
January 2012
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Text Tools for Mac OS X: Free At Last! (9)


December 2011
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In The Works On Mars: CrystalClear Interface 2.6 (1)
Mars Themes Website: New Home For Mars Downloads (0)
July 2011
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“Just Say No To Flash”Join The Campaign! Add A Banner To Your Website (3)
June 2011
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Introducing “Clear Crystal” System Icons for Mac OS X (1)
April 2011
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The Sociology of Tornadoes (1)
Theming Snow Leopard:How Hard Could It Be To Paint A Leopard Black? (1)
March 2011
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Theming A Web Page With Crystal Black:A CSS Design for Web Inspector (0)
February 2011
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A Black Gloss Theme for CoverSutra (4)
Crystal Black for iTunes (3)
January 2011
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The “Bloated” Federal Bureaucracy:A Lie That’s Either Malicious Ignorance Or Deliberate Malice (0)


December 2010
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Big Man in a Tiny Bubble Pops In To D.C. (0)
To Act in My Own Interest, Or Not? How Humans Deal With Conflicts of Interest (Part 1) (1)
October 2010
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Crystal Black Preview: A New Attempt To Put a Dark Skin on Snow Leopard (3)
April 2010
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CrystalClear Interface 2.5: Taming a Leopard in Winter (3)
March 2010
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The Ultimate Solution To Window Clutter: You Can Call Me SAM (1)
February 2010
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Eight New Themes Coming in CrystalClear Interface 2.5 (1)
January 2010
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Introducing Crystal Documents:A Set of Document Icons for CrystalClear Interface (1)


August 2009
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CrystalClear Interface 2.2 (11)
Introducing Frosted Crystals for CrystalClear Interface (1)
June 2009
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A Gift for Self-Deception (2)
CrystalClear Interface 2.1 (0)
February 2009
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Taking a Snapshot of the Semantic Web:Mighty Big, But Still Kinda Blurry (3)
The Many Faces of CrystalClear Interface 2.0 (2)
January 2009
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Apple a Monopolist? Only in Microsoft-Think (0)


December 2008
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It’s Coming . . . CrystalClear Interface 2.0 (0)
November 2008
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A Treasure Trove of iPhone eReader Software Part II:13 Apps for Managing Documents (0)
October 2008
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Discover a Treasure Trove of iPhone eReader SoftwarePart I: Eight Apps for Reading Books (2)
September 2008
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Recognizing Self-Evident Truths (1)
Without Even Trying, Apple’s iPhone Takes the eBook Reader Sweepstakes (0)
July 2008
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A Close-Up Look At Today’s Web Browsers: Comparing Firefox, IE 7, Opera, Safari
April 2008
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WebKit/Safari Keep Blazing the Trail to CSS 3.0 (2)
March 2008
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CrystalClear Interface Update: Version 1.9.1 (11)
January 2008
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Announcing CrystalClear Interface v. 1.8.12 (30)


October 2007
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In Praise of Third-Party Mac OS X System Enhancements: Hats Off to Mighty APEs, Incredible InputManagers, and Satisfying SIMBLs! (7)
Update On That Crystal I’ve Been Growing (10)
August 2007
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New Crystal Trinket Eliminates Maintenance on Your Menubar (1)
An Intimate Evening With Two Dozen iTunes Controllers (4)
Crystal Clear 1.5 Preview:Yes! The Term “Opaque Window” Is An Oxymoron (4)
July 2007
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If I Complete A Digression, Did I Get Anything Done? (2)
June 2007
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Leopard’s “Quick Look” Raises the Bar for File Previewing (1)
Crystal Clear 1.2: The Transparent Revolution Cleans Up Another Opaque Holdout  (13)
Desperately Seeking Clarity: Wiping the Dirt from My Crystal Clear Menubar (1)
May 2007
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My Passionate Fling With iWeb Is Wearing Me Out! (6)
Window Tricks: Extending Your Power Over Mac Applications
April 2007
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Apple Mail Slowing Down? VacuumMail Can Probably Help (1)
March 2007
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How To Use TextEdit as an HTML Editor
Quietly, Safari Finally Gains WYSIWYG Editing Powers (7)
An Ongoing Review of Personal Information Management Tools for Mac OS X: No Perfect Solution (Yet) (23)
Mac OS X Spreadsheet Roundup: A Few Excel, The Rest Should Be Shot (10)
February 2007
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Crystal Clear: Pushing Mac OS X Windows Beyond Translucent (29)
Crystal Clear Preview: See Through Windows On Your Mac (3)
January 2007
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Still Seeking Freedom From Quicken: Alternative Personal Finance Apps for Mac OS X (14)


December 2006
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Getting Organized and Planning Projects: Another Rich Vein of Mac OS X Software (5)
Leopard’s Spaces: Virtual Desktops for the Rest of Us? (4)
True Confessions of a Mac Software Addict (1)
November 2006
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What If Growl Displays Were Just Little Web Pages?
Ten Ways To Make a Podcast, Plus One (3)
October 2006
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How Many Firefox Extensions Does It Take To Make One SafariStand? (10)
What’s The Best Mac Database Tool for MySQL? (16)
Does Anybody Really Know What Their IP Address Is? (3)
Three New Safari 3.0 Tricks Are Producing Leopard Lust (14)
September 2006
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Writing on Your Screen: Digital Annotations Can Save Time, Trees (3)
Analyst Missing Secret Ingredient in iTunes/iPod Video Service: No DVD Involved (5)
And Another Thing The Mac Can Do That Windows Can’t: Remember Your  !*?\&^!*%   PaS$w0rdZ! (5)
Building Leopard: An Excuse To Take a Mac OS X Software Inventory
NeXTSTEP in 1992: If Only We Had Known . . . (2)
Quicksilver Dresses Up Its Cube
August 2006
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Web Inspector Gains New Eyes for Metrics, Properties (4)
July 2006
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Protecting Windows: How PC Malware Became A Way of Life (9)
Getting Ready for Screencasting: A Review of Video Screen Capture Software for Mac OS X (8)
Yahoo! Widget Engine: Konfabulator’s Legacy A Worthy Sidekick for Dashboard
June 2006
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How’re We Doing Now? An Update on DHTML/Ajax Browser Compatibility (19)
On Open Formats and Closed Minds: A Love Story (1)
Tell Me One Thing You Can Do With a Mac that I Can’t Do With Windows! (Part 3) (6)
May 2006
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All The Lovely Browsers! (58)
Yahoo’s Ajax/DHTML User Interface Library Apparently Fails Its Own Test (9)
Is It Possible This Reuters Writer Can’t Read? Nah! (2)
Cross-Browser Ajax: It Don’t Come Easy (2)
At PC Magazine, Writing About the Mac With PC Blinders On
April 2006
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xCuts Dashboard Widget: Tripping the Light (0)
Nothing To Cheer Here: Microsoft’s Ajax Toolkit Is a “D” (24)
Web-Based Collaborative Editing: Twiki, Tiddly, or TikiWiki? (14)
MovieLink: How Stupid Can You Get? (6)
March 2006
All article summaries
Windows Blogger Gets Excited About A New, Innovative Windows Tool That… Is A 5-Year-Old Mac OS X Feature (6)
PC Magazine on G5 Quad Pricing: Fact, Fiction, or FUD? (15)
Ajax/DHTML Library Scorecard: How Cross Platform Are They? (65)
February 2006
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Google Lets Apple Safari Users Down Again (3)
AOL’s I Am Alpha: A Wide Slap At Mac Users on Safari
Ajax: Home Was Never Like This!
“Tony Long”: Yet More Stupidity from Wired News
January 2006
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Some Bloggers Jump The Gun By Labeling iTunes 6.0.2 “Spyware”


December 2005
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A Christmas Windows-Virus Story With A Happy Ending! (1)
Dave Winer Should Stick To Scripting (13)
Tell Me One Thing You Can Do With a Mac that I Can’t Do With Windows! (Part 2) (5)
November 2005
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Well, That Took Longer Than I Thought! (1)
October 2005
All article summaries
New iMac Keeps Apple Way Ahead of Dell in Price/Features (2)
Nothing Short of Astonishing (4)
Vinyl Record Lovers Rejoice! ClickRepair Is a Must-Have Audio Cleaner (2)
September 2005
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For Shame! Some Federal Websites Now Requiring IE and Windows (1)
August 2005
All article summaries
iPod Declared Inferior by Computer Expert (6)
July 2005
All article summaries
Anyone Can Develop A Dashboard Widget (And They Probably Will)
June 2005
All article summaries
Counting Microsoft’s Tentacles: Just How Tethered Are We? (5)
May 2005
All article summaries
Tell Me One Thing You Can Do With a Mac that I Can’t Do With Windows! (7)
Why Buy A Mac Instead Of Windows? (8)
Apple Beefs Up iMac Line, Widens Price Gap With Dell (1)
April 2005
All article summaries
Quick Pricing Update: Time To Pick On IBM (8)
Of Course Macs Are More Expensive… Aren’t They? (87)
Don’t All Computers Need A Help Desk Guy? (2)
Isn’t Apple A Closet Monopolist, Just Like Microsoft? (11)
When Is a Personal Computer Not Very Personal? (1)
March 2005
All article summaries
But I Don’t Want To Shuffle! (5)

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