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Can You Fall In Love With A Watch Face?

Published February 17th, 2021
Watch Face 1

I recently began exploring all the different faces that are now available for the Apple Watch. There are many cool options these days, but I happened upon one that I simply can't get enough of. It's the kaleidoscope face, which comes with a nice array of image options and several "facet" styles.

After playing with the face and the built-in options for awhile, I discovered that you could use a custom image as the source for the kaleidoscope effects. I chose the one I use on my computer desktop and on my iPhone home screen... It's a photo I took during an especially beautiful sunset at our favorite beach destination in North Carolina. You can check it out here: Sunset Source Image

After doing this, I realized I had found watch face nirvana for me. I settled on the radial facet effect, and now I have incredibly beautiful animations as the kaleidoscope cycles through the source image. The animations are sometimes quick, sometimes subtle, but always calming. I find myself looking at my watch now and then as a sort of meditation exercise. My watch is no longer just a great utility — a computer on my wrist! — it's a piece of art that's contantly changing.

During the course of the last week or two, I've screen-captured my watch face, and although some are similar, no two images are alike. I hope you enjoy perusing them as much as I enjoy seeing them on my watch face.

One note to "complications" fans... I keep my fully loaded modular face a swipe away, so I can quickly see things this face can't accommodate. (Note to Apple Watch newbies, once you set up more than one face, you can simply swipe to the left or right on the watch face to cycle through your custom faces.)

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