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Musings from Mars is where Leland Scott gets to share his very opinionated views on personal computing, software, web design and programming, and music. Mars is a place where thinking occurs without the cobweb of convention, ritual, and prejudice to cloud decisionmaking. It's a place where nothing is ever finished, and there's always room for improvement. Welcome! Besides being an outlet for my sometimes-unorthodox views, the site is evolving into a personal library of my bookmarks. To make the bookmarks easy to find and relevant to my needs, I've organized the links roughly into three categories: News, Software, and Resources. Some of the links are also displayed in tag clouds, which use font color and size to indicate the relative number of links tagged with each word or phrase. The latest news items appear in the news banner at the top of the content area, and older items can be accessed from the panes in the sidebar. My articles are categorized also and appear in the top sidebar pane. I hesitated to say "top" for a moment, since the site is experimenting with a feature of the javascript library that lets you rearrange the panes as needed. At the moment, the site doesn't remember anyone's preferences, though, so "Articles" will always start out at the top of the sidebar. Prior to starting Musings from Mars last year, I'd been busy with web work of one kind or another for many years... since 1994, in fact. Here's a brief list of previous things I've done:
National Science Foundation
My staff and I worked with a large task force within NSF to redesign and launch a new site for NSF in January 2005.
Classic 45's
My very active hobby! I built this site in 2001 with open source software (oscommerce) that has since been customized almost beyond recognition.
Tuckahoe Discovery Schoolyard
This specialty site for my son's elementary school also went up in 2001.
Little Falls Church
This site was another volunteer activity, from 2000.
Al Gore's website
While managing the White House website in 1998-99, I developed a lot of specialty sites.
Clinton's trip to South America
I also did several "trip" sites for the White House.
Social Security Conference
Remember this one?
All of my pre-NSF work is chronicled here.
Some of these pages were built for older browsers and may not work now.
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