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Myths and Misunderstandings: iPod and iTunes

  • If I had several hundred songs on an iPod I would go crazy sitting there deciding which one to listen to. I also imagine that some people who play their iPods in their cars pick out songs while they're driving, which I would consider a safety hazard, irresponsible behavior, and something I would not want to be tempted to do
    Counter-argument: "The iPod? I Just Don't Get It"
  • And although there are times when I'm sure I would enjoy listening in shuffle mode, more often I am in the mood for particular kinds of music and don't want to be switched from Barbara Streisand to U2 to Lyle Lovett at random.
    Counter-argument: "But I Don't Want To Shuffle!"
  • With the Shuffle, Apple is getting into a price range where I might give it a serious consideration.... As with the Mac Mini, Apple has finally realized that price really has been a barrier to its market share. That got my attention, and I imagine the Shuffle will do quite well because it meets a need at a reasonable price and isn't aimed only at Apple aficionados...
  • Since I have had Rhapsody I have listened to a ton of new music that I have really enjoyed but would never have laid out money to own permanently, certainly not without a previous listen.
  • If I discover something I really like on Rhapsody and want to own it (and practically the only reason I would want to would be so that I can burn it onto a CD and listen in the car), nothing stops me from doing that.
  • I'm especially glad the kids use [Rhapsody], because I'm quite sure it would be a total waste of their limited allowance for them to pay for downloads of the crap they like to listen to, none of which they're going to care to own 6 weeks from now, let alone 6 years.
  • I have no intrinsic desire to "own" my music, contrary to what Steve Jobs (and apparently you) assert I should want to do... I will happily choose to pay $10 per month for as long as I have hearing to be able to listen to 100 different songs in a month, rather than spend the same amount of money to own 10 songs, 3 of which I will probably decide I don't like right after I hear them, 3 of which I will be tired of after 3 months, and only 4 of which I might want to own permanently.
  • ... You might consider that your beloved iPod is undoubtedly being used by the vast majority of people who own one to engage in highly unethical behavior: stealing music from artists who deserve to be paid for it. Apple is making a healthy profit catering to these people. In contrast, the artists are getting paid a royalty when I listen to their songs on Rhapsody.
  • It also appears to me that with the iPod and iTunes, Apple is engaging in just the kind of predatory behavior you accuse Microsoft of (i.e., refusing to license other manufacturers to produce players that place AAC songs). No surprise there; all corporations strive to be monopolists if they think they can get away with it. So far, Microsoft has simply been more successful.
    Counter-argument: "Isn't Apple A Closet Monopolist, Just Like Microsoft?"
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