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You Control Desktops: Will Spaces Make It Another Sherlock?

Published December 23rd, 2006

You Control: Desktops – Maximize your efficiency using virtual desktops in Mac OS X

You Control:DesktopsOriginally downloaded 10/9/06. I’m almost afraid to try this one out again… the last time I did (early 2005), my PowerMac’s hard drive went kaplooey. I don’t know if it was just coincidence that I had just installed You Control: Desktops and was restarting the system or not… but a colleague had a similar experience later in the year. I’ll try to take reasonable precautions this time, but I do want to include this virtual desktop software—which actually gets very good reviews from customers and may be the best commercial product now available—with my planned overview of this category.

Update 12/23/06. Nah… I’ve come to the conclusion that virtual desktops are an idea whose time has passed. See my ruminations on the subject, as well as specific notes on You Control:Desktops, in the December 2006 article, “Leopard’s Spaces: Virtual Desktops for the Rest of Us?

Version as tested: 1.2.

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