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TextParrot: Listen to or Record Text with New, Affordable Computer Voices

Published December 12th, 2006
TextParrot: Listen to your documents with natural sounding voices Computer Reading ProgramOriginally downloaded 12/12/06. I haven't tested the accuracy of these new computer "personalities," but I can definitely testify that they sound more natural than any of the native Mac voices. (Not counting "Alex," who comes to the Mac in Leopard and is a big improvement.) TextParrot can read any random document or text, and has built-in functions to record and ship the audio to iTunes. Earlier in the year, I was sorely tempted by the Cepstral voices, but they're more expensive than I was interested in. TextParrot is one of a series of new "assistive" apps for Mac OS X announced today by AssistiveWare, several of which look tempting. Another unique feature of TextParrot besides its price and high quality voices is the availability of a variety on non-English-language voices.

Version as tested: 1.0.

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