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SlingShot: Publish/Subscribe Tool Syncs Multiple Macs

Published December 17th, 2006

Martian SlingShot

Slingshot Sync softwareOriginally downloaded 2/13/06. I see some fellow Martians have been making software…! This looks like an interesting new tool for collaborative work on a local network. Might have some uses for it here at home… I’m downloading it now.

Update 12/17/06. I apparently misunderstood Slingshot’s functionality when I added it to the list originally. Some time later, I rejected it but didn’t record why or add that information here. In the meantime, a new version of Slingshot was released in July 2006 that adds sync capabilities for iTunes libraries. I now understand that Slingshot is a sophisticated kind of synchronization tool, which also works in a publish/subscribe manner so other Macs on your network can sync to published folders, or not. In any case, I’ve got an ongoing list of sync software that I’ve tried out, and I’m adding SlingShot to that list.

Version as tested: 2.0.3.

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