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Podcaster: Easy Tool for Making Podcasts

Published November 17th, 2006

Podcaster helps create enhanced podcasts

Podcaster SoftwareOriginally downloaded 10/9/06. Podcaster was among the first Podcast creation tools to arrive on the scene in 2005 after podcast support was added to iTunes, but somehow I don’t think it was one I tried out. I never have sorted out all the different podcast tools, and there are several still waiting to be settled on. Might as well have one more. :-)

Update 11/17/06. Podcaster is a decent, well-rounded application for making iTunes-ready podcasts, including “enhanced” ones. However, it didn’t rank among the best in a recent survey of podcasting tools we conducted here on Mars. For the full scoop on podcasting tools as of November 2006, check out “Ten Ways To Make a Podcast, Plus One.”

Version as tested: 1.1.9.

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