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Menufela: Haxie To Autohide Your Menubar

Published November 30th, 2006


Menufela User Interface ModOriginally downloaded 11/26/06. This sounds like a great idea… especially useful if you’ve got a small-screen laptop. Menufela uses Unsanity’s APE framework of haxies to let you “autohide” your main menubar, or you can assign a hotkey to toggle it on and off. It also has an option to let you hide the Spotlight icon if you want. Unfortunately, I can’t try it in Leopard since Unsanity hasn’t yet updated APE for Mac OS X 10.5.

Update 11/30/06. Well, it didn’t take me long to realize that Menufela and I just weren’t going to get along. As cute as he is, he was a real handful during my testing, and I was relieved when his parents showed up to take him home. :-) Rather than rewriting all my notes, here’s a brief table of pros and cons:



  • Very interesting and innovative… really thinking “outside the box”!
  • Occasionally it’s nice to have a totally “clean screen”… but the need is very rare.
  • I use many menubar functions that work only when persistently visible (e.g., RSS Menu, MenuCalendarClock, and many others)
  • Removing Spotlight from the menubar disables it entirely… not what I expected or wanted.
  • When the menubar is hidden, I can’t access the Services menu with my normal shortcut keys.
  • When apps like Photoshop launch with the menubar hidden, they put their toolbar at the very top of the screen. Thus, when you pull the menubar down, the toolbar is hidden. If you switch to show the toolbar for whatever reason, Photoshop’s toolbar stays hidden.

It’s possible that a rare occasion may strike when I’ll feel the need to hide my menubar, so perhaps I’ll keep Menufela in my Preference Panes folder… but deactivated. After all, it is pretty cool… and it’s free. Great icon, too!

Version as tested: 1.0.

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