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Painter’s Picker: The Easiest Way To Find The Right Color

Published July 24th, 2006

Painter’s Picker: A Universal Interactive Color Wheel

Painter's Picker SoftwarePainter’s Picker has been a trusty sidekick for me for so long, and its registration reminders are so painless, that it’s taken me too long to pay Old Jewel Software for this brilliant gem. Yes, occasionally I use one of the Apple color pickers… or sometimes the Adobe one when I’m in Photoshop… but I always do the best job at refining my color scheme when I use Painter’s Picker.

The developers have packed a great deal of punch in this teeny interface, so if you download the trial, be sure to explore it thoroughly. You’ll find a very informative and helpful user’s guide to refer to if you learn best by reading. The only thing I’ve ever missed in Painter’s Picker, which the company added to their recent 2.1 upgrade, was the ability to find and copy the HTML Hex-color values I need for web-page colors.

If you have only used the Adobe color picker, or the default Apple ones, you’re in for a real treat when you try this out! Of course, if you work with colors for a living–or even for a seriously fun hobby–you probably already know about Painter’s Picker. It’s the best tool of its kind that I know of, on any platform.

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