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PulpFiction: Advanced News Reader/Aggregator for Mac OS X

Published September 15th, 2006

PulpFiction - Advanced News Reader/Aggregator for Mac OS X

PulpFiction RSS SoftwareOriginally downloaded 12/10/06. OK… after fleeing from Bloglines in search of something better, I downloaded and installed about a dozen Mac OS X RSS readers, and I set up profiles on about the same number of other web-based news aggregating sites. Pulp Fiction is the only tool that had a combination of all the features I wanted, and I’ve been very pleased with my (rather unconventional) choice.

Update 9/24/06. One of these days, I’ll get around to posting the spreadsheet I prepared showing the criteria and how each tool fared… back in December 2005. Nothing stays the same, and I’m sure the RSS reader market is different today. Unfortunately, the software company that made PulpFiction—FreshlySqueezed—has been inactive in 2006, and PulpFiction has seen no updates at all. Not that it’s suffered from that, but it’s a little bit worrisome.

Version as tested: 1.2.2.

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