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Freeware Version of Komodo IDE Supports Ajax, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby

Downloaded Apr 04, 2007Home Page

Originally downloaded April 4, 2007. I think I'd looked at Komodo briefly last year, but didn't download it because it was so expensive. I've also become leery of some cross-platform software, because it's generally designed for Windows in Java and then has an Aqua interface tacked on. Not my idea of good Mac software. But today I realized that Komodo also has a freeware version of its developer IDE, which covers the same range of languages that I'm interested in. As long as it's free, I'm definitely game for a tryout! I'm also impressed by the fact that ActiveState, the company that makes Komodo, has an open beta program for the next point release (4.1) already available as well... for both the editor and the full $300 IDE.

Version as tested: 4.0.

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