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Safari 3.0’s Hidden Jewels

Published November 21st, 2007
Surfin’ Safari In case you missed it (I've been so busy that I did!), be sure to check out the WebKit team's writeup of their pick of the 10 best new features of Safari 3.0 (which has WebKit 3.0 running at its core). My nomination goes to the absolutely incredible upgrade to WebInspector and Drosera, the two tools for web developers that have been included in WebKit since early this year. WebInspector is the best tool out there now for analyzing the makeup, structure, content, and interactivity for any web page you encounter or are building. Drosera is the sidekick JavaScript inspector. But as you'll see from reading the WebKit team's blog, the goodness in Safari 3.0 doesn't stop there! According to the blog, most of the features described are also available in the upgraded Safari 3.0 browser included in the new Tiger upgrade, OS X 10.4.11.

By the way, before any defensive Firebug fans (I love Firebug, too, by the way) start a reflexive reply, you should know that in a recent podcast for Ajaxian, Firebug developer Joe Hewitt made clear he's now working on iPhone development and has been won over by WebKit from Firefox. He now thinks WebKit/Safari is the best platform for web development out there. I'd say his opinion is pretty significant! I see he's also built an early version of Firebug for the iPhone.

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