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iScreensaver Designer: A Tool for Making Cross-Platform Screensavers

Published March 24th, 2007
iScreensaver Designer : Make Screensavers for Mac and Windows iScreensaver Designer SoftwareOriginally downloaded March 24, 2007. I simply have to try this one, given what a sucker I am for cool screensavers. Lately, I've been happy just filling up my screensaver folder with Quartz Compositions, but there are still an enormous number of OpenGL savers and others that are worth having. The fact that you can make screensavers for Windows too isn't a selling point to me... it's the tool's supposed ability to convert savers to QuickTime and Flash that's of interest. iScreensaver Designer has a price scale depending on who you are, including a personal license for only $29.

Version as tested: 3.5.

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