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Adobe’s WebKit-Driven Apollo Desktop Now Available in Alpha Release

Published March 24th, 2007
Adobe launches Apollo, its web application runtime for the desktop Apollo LogoI was too busy last week to report this in a timely manner, but it's potentially big news: Last October, Adobe announced that it would use Apple's open-source WebKit code (on which Safari is based) for a new web application runtime for desktop software, and it's now fulfilled that promise. Apollo can be downloaded in first-release alpha form from Adobe's Labs website, and there's one example application built on the platform that you can also try. Apollo installs as a framework on Mac OS X, and it's also available for Windows. Adobe intends Apollo to be a framework for building web-based applications for the desktop, and I don't know too much more at the moment, but do intend to find out. It sure seems odd to peer into the Apollo framework folder and find the WebCore and JavaScriptCore frameworks, which are the heart of WebKit itself!
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