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Scrivener: A PIM With A Focus on Writing

Published December 16th, 2006
Scrivener: Software for Organizing Writing Projects Scrivener PIM Writing SoftwareOriginally downloaded 12/15/06. Scrivener is a very interesting case... The developer, who built it for very specific requirements not met by existing PIMs and writing software, released an early beta that's actually a full-blown implementation of those requirements, which is now being called Scrivener Gold and is available as freeware. (Scrivener Gold is Scrivener 0.21b.) At the same time, he began rewriting the interface and adding more functionality and released a beta of the final product---just called Scrivener---earlier in the fall. Scrivener is a more polished version that takes advantage of some of the newer interface capabilities for Mac OS X, and is expected to become shareware in the $20-$40 range early next year. Both of these products are worth a close look. They cleverly blend traditional PIMs functionality with special features that will appeal to writers, particularly folks who are writing long, complicated works. However, they can also be used for managing information on non-writing portions of your life. Both versions come with a well designed interactive tutorial in the form of a sample project. I'll have more to say once I've finished testing them out.

Version as tested: 1.0 RC b5.

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