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Finder Window Manager: Perfect Gift for the Mac Control Freaks on Your List

Published December 8th, 2006
Finder Window Manager: Keep Finder Windows in Line Finder Window Manager Finder UtilityOriginally downloaded 12/8/06. I think this application has been updated since the last time I looked at it... which was probably before it had been updated to be Tiger-compatible. I did look around for Finder-window control tools at one point, ultimately settling on just a simple Applescript from Apple's website, which I assigned to a hot key in iKey. From the looks of Finder Window Manager, this is a dream come true for Mac users who wish they had fewer, more, or better arranged Finder windows. Quite amazing level of customization and versatility. Got to check it out! At its most basic, FWM puts a menu extra in your main menubar that lets you create, select, and manage "sets" of Finder windows.

Version as tested: 1.9.6.

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