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CodeTek VirtualDesktop Pro: Is This Where Virtual Desktops Actually Work?

Published December 23rd, 2006

CodeTek VirtualDesktop Pro: The way multitasking is meant to be

CodeTek Virtual Desktop ProOriginally downloaded 10/9/06. I had actually downloaded CTVD, as it is affectionately known by the company, last December, but my trial registration key expired before I had a chance to try it out. I’m planning to write up an overview of the existing Mac OS X virtual desktop tools soon and want to include it in the review. This is the “cadillac” of virtual desktop software, and one of two that currently are being sold (the other is You Control: Desktops). As much as I’m intrigued with the notion of virtual desktops, I have always found using them to be more much more trouble than they’re worth. Confusing is the best word to describe them, I think. Although certainly “cool” is another. :-) In any case, with Apple’s new operating system planning to incorporate this functionality (Spaces), I figured it would be good to re-familiarize myself with the “state of the art” in the market today.

Update 12/23/06. Nah… I’ve come to the conclusion that virtual desktops are an idea whose time has passed. See my ruminations on the subject, as well as specific notes on CodeTek’s product, in the December 2006 article, “Leopard’s Spaces: Virtual Desktops for the Rest of Us?

Version as tested: 3.x.

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