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QPict: A Powerful, Affordable Digital Asset Manager

Published November 2nd, 2006
QPict: Media Asset Management QPict Digital Media SoftwareOriginally downloaded 11/2/06. Looking at the version number on QPict as well as its name, I immediately surmise that this product has been through a lot of changes over the years. No longer merely a picture tool doing slideshows and media file browsing, QPict has moved into batch processing and automation of digital media assets in a big way. The company seems to think that version 7 is a very big deal, and certainly the screenshots of the interface make QPict look like a worthy competitor to tools that we hear more about lately, such as Aperture, as well as built-in marvels like iPhoto. I've been trying out a variety of image previewers lately, and at $35 for an individual license, QPict is certainly within my budget. Plus it looks like I'd be getting a great deal more than an image previewer. :-)

Version as tested: 7.0.

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