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Posterino: Make Cool Life Posters and Postcards

Published November 28th, 2006
Posterino: Stunning Life Posters Posterino Life Posters MakerOriginally downloaded 11/28/06. Posterino aims to make "Life Posters" an every-household item. The concept still seems a little strange and narcissistic to me, but if I cogitate on it awhile, maybe I'll conclude that it's a better option than the walls of framed photos some people cover their walls with. :-) Or, you could use Posterino to make Postcards, which is a more immediately appealing prospect to me. You can either email them, or have them printed through the iPhoto Kodak service. Posterino is in beta as I write this, and at $20 (now, $25 on release) it may seem a little pricey. Still, once we're all making Life Posters for everyone's birthdays, it might not seem like such an "occasional" thing.

Version as tested: 1.0 b7.

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