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Dabble DB: A New Web 2.0 Data App That Goes Beyond Spreadsheets

Published November 3rd, 2006
Dabble DB: A better web database to share, manage and explore your information Dabble DB LogoNow this looks like a significant improvement over the web-based spreadsheet apps I've seen so far. Rather than merely trying to mimick a spreadsheet's look/feel and functionality, DabbleDB rethinks how users may want to be managing their data in 2006. You can easily import spreadsheet data, and once it's in, you can go way beyond a spreadsheet's normal limitations. The biggest win, of course, is in having an always-available data store that isn't locked up on your hard drive somewhere. But even more significant is DabbleDB's collaboration tools: Now you can share a spreadsheet, and invite others to participate in managing it with you! Sounds great! I've signed up for a free one-month trial. Incidentally, it looks a lot like the app is built with prototype.js, and the screencasts I saw were clearly made on a Mac. Web 2.0 continues to move forward as the webification of the Mac OS X user interface. :-)
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