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A Solution To Washed-Out h264 Video Exports

Published November 29th, 2006
Macworld: Editors' Notes: All washed out Here's a great article from Macworld editor Rob Griffiths, who finally got fed up with the washed-out videos he was seeing after exporting them using Apple's h264 encoder. I, too, have experienced this, but assumed it was part of the compression process. Griffiths dug around, tried different things, and finally found the source of the problem and its solution on a Macintouch reader's report. Apparently, this problem afflicts users who haven't set up a decent ColorSync profile for their monitors. Don't ask me why... but you might get a hint or two by reading this article and the source material. In any case, I did confirm Griffiths' experiment using NicePlayer... if you disable Core Video as one of the output viewers, washed-out h264 videos look more like their natural selves again. So clearly Core Video is involved in this somewhere along the complicated path.
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