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WriteInOne: Multi-Document Text Editor Tries To Speak Many Languages

Published October 29th, 2006

WriteInOne is a text/web editor for Mac OS X that lets you edit many documents in one Window

WriteInOne Text Editing Freeware Originally downloaded 9/3/06. WriteInOne does the same kind of trick TextEdit can, only more cleanly. Plus, it does what I keep hoping TextEdit will be able to do one day: Manage all my documents in one window. Having been spoiled by tabs in so many other apps, I do miss them in apps like TextEdit. WriteInOne is freeware, and is fairly bare-bones at that. But it does have a cool HTML live preview feature and a very nice interface. However, it has no features a programmer might want, like tag/delimiter balancing, autocomplete, line numbers, syntax coloring, etc. I’ll keep an eye on it to see how this one develops.

Update 10/29/06. You know, this is a very cool idea, but this app has a long way to go before being ready for professional use. The features mentioned above are interesting, but little thing like WriteInOne’s inability to maintain its live preview pane during an edit session is simply annoying. (You have to close the preview and reopen it to see any changes… not exactly “live” in my definitioin.) It’s also odd that you can’t save a text-only RTF file to HTML, as you can with TextEdit. Then there are details like lack of full CSS support as an HTML editor. I do like the concept, very much. It’s just a lot more complicated undertaking than the developer probably realizes… or he/she does realize it, but is simply engaged in a learning exercise that may become useful one of these days… If the latter is the case, it’s a great exercise! Keep working on it, and hopefully your idea will become a useful reality one day. (Development tools like Eclipse and TextMate already do some of what WriteInOne tries to do, but of course they’re commensurately more complicated to learn.)

Version as tested: 1.3

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