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Video2Go: Another iPod-Video Conversion Tool

Published October 30th, 2006

Video2Go makes for comfortable converting of your movies

Video2Go Converts Videos for iPodOriginally downloaded 12/24/05 (when it was named Video2Pod) There are so many of these video-2-ipod packages now, I’m not sure which I’ve tried… but I don’t think I’ve given this shareware a trial run. With so much freeware in this space, it’ll have to be noticeably better to entice money from my wallet.
Updated 10/29/06. Somewhere during 2006, Video2Pod was renamed Video2Go, and at first I thought it was a separate product. (Silly me.) Video2Go provides a nice interface for viewing your movie catalog, and it can record video from a Firewire or DV camera as well as converting movies. The software was recently updated, but it’s not clear from the website whether Video2Go supports the new higher-resolution iPod video format yet.

Version as tested: 1.6.2.

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