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Schick: Bonjour File-Sharing Alternative

Published October 23rd, 2006
Schick: A simple, fast way to exchange small files Schick Bonjour File SharingOriginally downloaded 10/23/06. I'm a happy DropCopy customer... it's simply an amazing---and amazingly elegant---little tool for sharing files and communicating with other users on a Bonjour-enabled network. Schick does the file sharing part, but unlike DropCopy, it's free. (DropCopy charges you for networks of more than 3 users.) Also, Schick enables sharing via Application Services, and it has some sort of logging feature which might be nice. Anyway, I couldn't resist the temptation to try it out! Schick's actually been around longer than DropCopy has, but the developer is still generous enough to add a link to DropCopy on his website for Schick: Mighty Fine behavior, in my book.

Version as tested: 3.1.

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