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Screen Mimic: Screen Recording in Flash or QuickTime

Published July 8th, 2006

Screen Mimic: Flash-based screen recording for Mac OS X

Screen Mimic Software Originally downloaded 7/8/06.In the category of apps that let you record screen movies (movies of your desktop in action), there are only one or two that record directly to Flash. Screen Mimic is one, and it also records to QuickTime. Requires Mac OS X 10.4 (”Tiger”). I’m testing these and will figure out which will work best for me.

Update 7/26/06 For now I’ve decided to record in QuickTime, and Screen Mimic’s QuickTime chops aren’t as good as some others. See my July 2006 article “Getting Ready for Screencasting: A Review of Video Screen Capture Software for Mac OS X” for more info.

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