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SpyMe: Not in My House, You Won’t!

Published June 15th, 2006
SpyMe is a remote control for your Mac SpyMe Remote SoftwareSpyMe sounded interesting... I was particularly curious to see what this "JPEG compression using Apple's Core Image" was all about... I actually now use Apple's Remote Desktop, which is great. But you know me, always on the lookout for something better. This time, the curiosity killed my Mac... Twice! Not having any more time to fool with this, I'm saying, "No thanks... not here!" to SpyMe. Both times I launched the software, after connecting to my "remote" self, the software took the whole system down in a kernel panic. The first time, the panic was instantaneous. The second time, it fell in a slow, agonizing death as the keyboard became nonresponsive and I couldn't get force-quit to act fast enough. Tragic! Now, keep in mind we're talking about a fast G5 Quad here, folks, with 4 GB of RAM and one of those 256MB Nvidia 7800GT video cards. Just so you know... I'd stay away unless you really need a VNC-type thing and are willing to figure out why you're getting a kernel panic.
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