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Scriboard: Desktop-Drawing Tool from France

Published June 16th, 2006

Scriboard lets you draw over your desktop using one of six different tools

Originally downloaded 6/16/06. Scriboard Desktop Drawing SoftwareThere are quite a lot of software packages in this category now… I’ve reviewed most of them and have purchased the best I’ve found so far–FlySketch from the Voodoo Pad developers. This release from a French developer looks good, too. At $20, it’s one of the more expensive of the bunch, although FlySketch is even more (though I got $10 off with a VoodooPad bundle). Scriboard has one of the nicest set of documentation I’ve seen.

Update 9/28/06. Looks like I was right about FlySketch… Full details in my review of “screen annotation” tools, September 2006.

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