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Astralite: Another Spotlight-for-the-LAN Toolset

Published June 14th, 2006
Astralite: A lightweight product with server and client-side components that extends the search scope of your Mac to the LAN Astralite Search softwareWas it just last week that I downloaded Searchlight? As I recall, it sounded identical to Astralite. Even though the Astralite guys think theirs is the first of its kind, what do they know? What do I know? It's a great time to be a Mac user, that's for damn sure! This was listed as freeware on MacUpdate, but there's no indication of that on the Astralite website. (The ReadMe in the download does indicate that Astralite is a "student project." Nice!)

Update 8/20/12. This software is no longer available.

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