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Thorough Analysis of Five Mac Myths Related to Security

Published May 26th, 2006
Mac360: Macs And Viruses. Fact vs. FUD. From Mac360, this is a two-part article addressing five myths the authors identify that have become common regarding the Mac and Windows Viruses:
  1. Macs are just as vulnerable to Viruses, Worms, and Trojans as Windows computers.
  2. Macs using Intel Processors are more vulnerable now because they use the same processors found in generic PCs.
  3. Mac vulnerabilities have increased 228% since 2003, but Windows vulnerabilities have increased a much smaller amount. That means the Mac is MORE vulnerable than Windows!
  4. Now that Macs are getting more popular, aren’t virus writers going to start attacking the Mac more?
  5. Mac users now have to purchase and run Anti-virus software, install firewalls and scan their computers for spyware the same as Windows users.
Good list of myths! I haven't read their analysis yet, but they're off to a great start!
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