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PreFab UI Browser/Actions: Essential Tools for AppleScripting

Published February 26th, 2006

PreFab UI Browser & Actions

UI Browser AppleScript SoftwareOriginally downloaded 2/26/06. I first tried these out about a month before Tiger was released, and after talking with their friendly support team, decided to wait until the next, Tiger-compatible version. Yeah, it’s taken me this long to get back to it, but with Automator and Applescript becoming more on my mind lately, I want to try these out again. I was extremely impressed with them originally… if you’re trying to do any AppleScripting, I can see that these will be essential tools to keep you from going crazy. :-) Both together would cost $90, but I’m not sure I need both. Apple also has a free UI inspector tool, though I think both of these go quite a bit farther than that does in giving you insight into Mac OS X scriptable GUI’s.

Update 12/20/06. Nothing has changed since February, including these two software applications. However, I just haven’t found the time to devote to an in-depth look. I still want to do that, and maybe if I get off my duff and hand the developers my $90, that’ll give me the incentive I need! Anyway, I’m keeping them on the list to remind myself to find the time…

Update 12/24/06. Damn! No sooner do I write the last update, than the company releases a huge upgrade of the UI Browser. On 12/22, Prefab released version 2.0 of this software (though not of the UI Actions product).

Version as tested: 2.0.1 (UI Browser) 1.1.1 (UI Actions)

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