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Desksaver Plus: Dashboard Widget Runs Screensavers on the Desktop

Published February 18th, 2006
Desksaver Plus Desksaver Plus WidgetThis is a dashboard widget that lets you run screensavers as your desktop... It includes a measure of the CPU utilization that displays on the widget's face as it's running... a unique feature. One of the nice things about Desksaver Plus is that it's the only tool of its kind (that I'm aware of) that lets you choose either traditional screen savers (those with the .saver extension) and the newer Quartz-style savers as well (those with a .qtz extension). If you run the widget on your desktop, you've got a handy menu always available to change to another screensaver. The widget provides no other options, and unfortunately doesn't even show its name, so good luck if you forget it! All in all, this is a widget you're going to want if you like running screensaver animations on your desktop. Like the others I'm reviewing (Backdrop, Quartz Desktop, and QC Desktop), it's free.
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