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WikityWidget: A Widget That’s A Wiki, or A Wiki That’s A Widget?

Published January 1st, 2006
WikityWidget: Sticky Notes on Steroids WikityWidgetWhile trying to find information about Quicksilver's new Constellation (radial) menus, I ran across this amazing-sounding utility. Can't wait to try it out!

Update.... WikityWidget is a great start, but lacks some critical features to make it more than a curiosity. Primary problems for me are:

  1. You can only use camelcase for links.
  2. There are no formatting options. The widget can't parse HTML, and some standard wiki structured text syntax common on other systems don't work either.
  3. There's no back button, and no navigation options other than seeing all wikits at once.

Still, it's a pretty amazing free widget! Definitely worth a download to check it out.

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