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A Menu Extra for Simple System Administration Tasks

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Originally downloaded March 24, 2007. Looking for a free utility to keep in your menubar for those hard-to-remember-where-to-find sysadmin tasks on your Mac? MainMenu may be just the thing! I had downloaded an earlier version and apparently liked it well enough to put it in my Applications folder, but I can't say that I've ever used it much. I'm downloading the new version to see what the latest MainMenu can do.

Version as tested: 1.7.2.

Update 9/5/12.

MainMenu has gone through revisions over the years, with new features added and a new HUD interface as an alternative to its traditional menubar presence, but it's still basically a collection of functions that you can do for free with other software. Or, if you can't get them for free (using freeware such as Onyx), there are better alternatives. My favorite is TinkerTool System, which is about the same price as MainMenu Pro and has a much better interface and more power and range. Plus TinkerTool System offers serious protection for your Mac in case you try to do something foolish. MainMenu's convenient menu interface just isn't that convenient when you count the steps required to find the function you're looking for and compare them to the steps required via other methods. That said, I can imagine that the menu would come in handy for some users, and like other apps of its type, it's perhaps a useful way of educating yourself on different options for optimizing your Mac.

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