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MacFUSE and MacFusion: Very interesting development in information management

Published June 12th, 2007
SeeAlso - macfusion - Google Code This page is the list of links from the MacFusion project, a Google open source initiative that's built on the MacFUSE project... another Google project. MacFUSE itself is based on the Linux-based FUSE project, which apparently lets developers present all sorts of information as file system objects. For example, the first such project I encountered was iTunesFS, which converts (on the fly) your iTunes library XML file into a browsable file system. It works kind of like iPodDisk does on your iPod contents. Anyway, I've just started to scratch the surface here, but it definitely looks like a worthwhile dig. MacFusion adds a menubar item to access your various MacFUSE installations--such as the one for Spotlight (?) and another for SFTP sources.
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