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LiteIcon: New Freeware Manages Your System Icons

Published April 23rd, 2007
Free Mac Soft - LiteIcon LiteIcon Freeware System Icon ManagerOriginally downloaded April 23, 2007. I've recently discovered how indispensible Candybar is for icon designers. It's the only tool that's flexible enough, as well as easy enough, to use if you want to tweak your Mac's icon sets. Since I'd paid for Candybar a few years back, I was glad to see it come to my rescue! But I'm also a sucker for good free software, and here's a new entry that will apparently let you do the Candybar theme on your "system" icons. This probably means it can't manage icons for applications or their documents, but it's worth trying out anyway!

Version as tested: 1.1 beta.

Update 8/15/12.This software is no longer available, and it doesn't launch properly.

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