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George Carlin Must Be A Martian

Published April 21st, 2007
Carlin, Choosing His Words Carefully - I felt an immediate kinship with one of our godfathers of comedy yesterday as I read a report of this interview in the Washington Post. Clearly, Carlin is a Martian stranded here on Earth like the rest of us. Looking around, we see humans behaving in ways that seem totally alien, yet appear so natural to them. I wouldn't go as far as Carlin in saying I don't care about humans---I do. But I often consider them hopeless cases, locked in modes of behavior that they're powerless to change, which ultimately are terribly self-destructive to their species. He also seems confused by the way humans behave in the United States, not realizing it's no different with humans in similar circumstances around the globe. There are certainly some advanced cultures on Earth that are more like those on Mars, but they depend almost entirely on ideal socioeconomic and geopolitical circumstances---not on some magical evolution of the humans that compose them. Carlin says,
"At some point [in life] I realized I didn't really care about this species"... "That I didn't really care about this country deep down. That I was in them but not of them. And I found myself in a divorce from my species and my culture."
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