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GeekBind: Open Source Window Tricks

Published April 29th, 2007 GeekBind GeekBind: Freeware Window EnhancerOriginally downloaded 12/11/06, updated 4/29/07 GeekBind has a great deal of potential, but unfortunately it appears to be an abandoned project, last updated almost 2 years ago. GeekBind provides users with additional flexibility in moving and resizing application windows, using a keyboard shortcut in conjunction with the mouse. On paper, GeekBind's features rival those of newer commercial products such as MondoMouse and Zooom! and in some cases goes them one better. GeekBind:
  • Puts an icon in the menubar for controlling its features,
  • Uses the cool "float" move/resize mechanism that distinguishes MondoMouse,
  • Offers a wealth of additional window tricks compared with some of the commercial products,
  • Has excellent key binding options,
  • Has customizable visual feedback,
  • And more besides!

However, it also crashes a lot and doesn't run at all in Leopard. The source code is there for the taking if anybody would like to get the thing running again, but in the meantime, I've had to pass on it. Here are a few notes I took during testing.



  • Free!
  • Has multitude of options besides my main two, including simulating mouse movements and changes in window transparency.
  • Highly customizable visual cues, with best variety of options for this.
  • Adds menu extra for persistent access to turning geekbind on/off.
  • Uses the same "float" style of interaction as MondoMouse.
  • Resize function is jerky in appearance, and only the visual transparency is resized until you stop moving the mouse, at which point the rest of the window catches up.
  • Can't customize behavior for specific apps.
  • Almost too many options, and they aren't organized for quick comprehension.
  • No built-in help file.
  • Has the same limitations on what it will move and resize as those described for Zooom!
  • Doesn't work in Leopard. (March 2007 build)

Version as tested: 1.0.

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