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QIF Master: Shareware Helps Mac Users Manage QIF Files

Published March 18th, 2007
QIF Master QIF Master Helps Open QIF FilesOriginally downloaded March 18, 2007. Though I bristle at the notion that I'd need to pay for a piece of software just to overcome banks' and other institutions' insensitive treatment of their Mac customers, I guess it's an option I should consider in my campaign for personal financial independence from Quicken. I'll also have to look the other way when using QIF Master because it's the most amateurish, ugly icon I've seen outside of the Windows platform. (I know, looks don't matter. So if it's good, I'll look the other way when I approach it.) QIF, by the way, stands for Quicken Interchange Format.

Version as tested: 5.9.1.

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