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Tangerine!: Smart Playlist Maker Can Set The Right Mood

Published February 4th, 2007
Tangerine! Create Magical Playlists Tangerine! Music Playlist MakerOriginally downloaded February 4, 2007. From the creative Mac developers who brought us Voice Candy and Podcast Maker comes this recent addition, which apparently gets your music from iTunes, analyzes it, and creates playlist that match certain criteria you specify. For example, it can do dance tapes like nobody's business, since it can analyze beats-per-minute and get the timing just right. As the site says, perfect for workouts! Presumably it can also do candlelight dinner moods with your new date... :-) This I've gotta try! Of course, at $25, it's an expensive course for dessert...

Version as tested: 1.1.

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