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Writer: New Free, Distraction-Free Word Processor

Published January 26th, 2007
Writer Writer free word processorOriginally downloaded January 26, 2007. (Note: This is a new word processor called "Writer"... there's an older one already in the reject bin.) Do I sense people's need for a return to simplicity? Having given up typewriters for Microsoft Word about 20 years ago, people now want to go back to something simpler. Hence, apps like WriteRoom and now Writer. I've already bought WriteRoom cause it has some unique features for integrating with other apps, but I'm curious about Writer, too... especially since it's free. Also like WriteRoom, Writer focuses on creating a distraction-free setting, although it goes way beyond just providing full-screen mode. You can also block out the network and even access to your other applications if you want. Quite cool, actually.

Version as tested: 1.2.

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