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Omnidrive: Cool New Web 2.0 Storage and File Sharing App

Published January 26th, 2007
Omnidrive: The Universal Storage Platform - Home The uploader for Omnidrive got a mention on Ajaxian today, so I went to take a look. I can't say that I saw what they were writing about, since all I got was a clunky java app for browsing and uploading a test file. In any case, Omnidrive does have other virtues worth blogging about... such as 1 GB free storage, a free web API, decent bandwidth for sharing, and a generally nice interface that's friendly to Mac users (including Safari). A Mac desktop client is due any day now, which would integrate Omnidrive with the Finder... presumably in a way similar to Apple's own iDisk. If that develops---and if Omnidrive does get some wiki and/or blog extensions as they hope---this could be a worthy competitor to .Mac for ease of use. You can pay Omnidrive for large file storage, and it integrates natively with the excellent Zoho office suite.
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