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iPhone: OK, I’m Impressed… Now Gimme The Goods!

Published January 9th, 2007
Apple - iPhone Apple iPhoneIn these jaded times, it's hard to impress people. But I sincerely doubt that even the most ardent Apple-haters will be able to look at these demos of the new iPhone by Apple, Inc. (yes, they just dropped "computer" from their name!) without giving in to awe... pure, marvelous awe. If the delivered product is half as good as it looks, I'll be standing in line for one, because it so far exceeds my expectations that I'm really, really... impressed! The iPhone is a misnomer, because this is the "convergent" product the market has been anticipating for years. The iPhone is:
  • A widescreen iPod for video and audio, synked through iTunes
  • A mobile phone (yawn) with integrated camera, voicemail and photo sharing
  • A web browser (Safari), including email, Google maps, search, and widgets
  • A technological marvel, featuring a new "multitouch" touchscreen system (no buttons), an embedded copy of Mac OS X, wireless computing (bluetooth, 802.11b/g, and Cingular's Edge network, and sophisticated new sensors that do a heckuva lotta cool things just by moving the device around.

Did I mention it comes with a Bluetooth headset?

Help! I can't wait until June!

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