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Character Converter: Application Service for Quick HTML Encoding

Published January 28th, 2007

Character Converter: Encode special characters into HTML in any application

Character Converter Service Originally downloaded 9/12/06. I do love Mac OS X application services… this company specializes in such tools, incuding their Translation Service. This service might indeed come in handy, since it also includes tools for encoding full pages—by letting you skip certain types of characters as well as encode individual characters. At $9.99, it’s a little pricey, but worth a try.

Update 1/29/07. Character Converter works just fine, but just before I handed the developer my 10 bucks, I did a quick search on Google and found… UnicodeChecker! Not only is UnicodeChecker free, but it has a whole bag of entity-conversion tricks where Character Converter has only one. It runs as an application service, too, and is incredibly powerful. It just goes to show you that free software is more widely available for Mac OS X than you might think… if you know where to look! (See my article on UnicodeChecker for more information.)

Version as tested: 1.3.1

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