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SpeedUp: A New Launchbar/Quicksilver Tool Debuts

Published March 31st, 2012
SpeedUp SpeedUp Launcher SoftwareOriginally downloaded March 31, 2007. SpeedUp's main tag line is "Do things from Desktop." To the uninitiated, Mac newcomer, this may sound like something new and original... but actually, from what I can see it's an attempt to emulate the functionality of Launchbar and Quicksilver. Butler can do quite a bit of this, too. SpeedUp is about the same price as Launchbar ($20), but is brand new, whereas Launchbar is very well established and well respected (except by us Quicksilver fans). The only truly original concept I see from the website is the ability to launch multiple "desktop bars," each of which can do different tasks. That may actually be useful. In any case, I've downloaded a copy to try out.

Version as tested: 1.0.

Update 9/5/12. This software is no longer in development or supported. Obsolete.

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