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Virtually Every Windows PC at Risk from Malware

Published December 9th, 2008
Virtually every Windows PC at risk, says Secunia

There have been a rash of articles in recent weeks about a new Windows worm that takes several routes to PCs, including Facebook. Apparently, it is now building a huge "Botnet," a network of zombie PCs that can be commandeered to do various evil things, like sending junk mail.

In the midst of this, security firm Secunia now finds that 98% of Windows users work on PCs that already have some form of malware installed. Now, let's see... What percentage of Mac users have this problem? Oh yes, it's still 0%, but don't worry, as the "experts" have been telling us for years now, the hackers will get to the Mac platform eventually. Yeah, right.

Oops, I guess that makes me a "smug Mac user," right? How does that make me smug? Just stating the facts. Despite what they say, it's no accident... and no reflection on market share... that Mac OS X users aren't vulnerable to this kind of bull*hit. It's just good engineering and an attention to detail.

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