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Analyst Pushes WebKit Over Google’s Chrome Browser

Published September 5th, 2008
Tom Yager: Developers should skip Google's Chrome, and jump straight to WebKit

Of course, I completely agree with Yager, but I'm delighted to see a nationally prominent technology analyst come out with this opinion. I can't try Chrome yet because it's not available for Mac OS X (that's strike one against it!), and besides, Chrome uses the WebKit engine under its hood.

The latest builds of WebKit, and in preview builds of Safari 4, provide developers with the richest set of tools for building advanced Web 2.0 applications yet. Sadly, most tech writers are totally oblivious to this, even some who use Macs. Firefox is still the new and most politically correct kid in town, despite the fact that WebKit is just as open source but has a much faster-moving and forward-thinking engineering team.

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