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Googalyzer: Open Source Search Browser Has Great Potential

Published May 3rd, 2007
Funkware - Googalyzer Googalyzer Originally downloaded May 3, 2007. I ran across Googalyzer the other day and fired it up briefly this evening. Though it wanted to crash on me a bit, I got a peek at what's developing into a damn good web browser based on WebKit. Googalyzer is a bit like Charlotte in that regard, though it's more specialized, relying almost exclusively on Google knowledge banks, whereas Charlotte has a more broad-based vision. Googalyzer has a lot more features though, and you won't know it right away, cause they're mostly hidden. :-) Take a look at the screenshots on the Googalyzer website if you don't want to just start tinkering with the interface... From those you'll see that Googalyzer has a hidden pane on the left that can be opened, which is used for a list of your research "projects." Then pull up the little doohickey on the bottom window bar and you'll find a wealth of functions I haven't had a chance to try yet:
  • A full Cocoa editor, complete with toolbar, tables, fonts, etc.
  • A Bibliography... where you can store your sources, I presume, and a
  • Outline viewer... I believe this is where you develop an outline for your research.

Besides those cool toys, Googalyzer lets you take "Web Clips", though I haven't figured out how yet... It's a small window that's where you'd store clips of text and images from the sites you visit. Googalyzer is a real, honest-to-God web browser, too, with bookmarks, history, tabs, and more. It even has a full screen interface. Now, if I can get it to run for more than 10 or 15 minutes, I look forward to seeing what else it's capable of! If it actually proves stable, I'm beginning to think Googalyzer's developers are extending the vision that a tool like Webstractor started some time back. Disappointingly, though, Webstractor hasn't been enhanced in over a year now, and the developers don't seem responsive to inquiries.

Version as tested: 3.0 b1

Update 8/12/12 Software is no longer available. Obsolete.

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