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Emprise JavaScript Charts Enable Dynamic Charting Using Canvas

Published April 14th, 2007
EJSChart :: 100% Pure JavaScript Charting Solution Well, I guess this is the day for cool new graphics libraries for Web 2.0 applications! Unfortunately, EJS Charts isn't free or open source, but it does work great in Safari and WebKit, as well as any other modern browser that supports the Canvas tag. At least, I believe it's using Canvas... the library also works in IE 6, which doesn't support Canvas, so it must use some other mechanism for IE. The chart data can reside in XML format, and the library enables dynamic resizing, zooming, and data selection (among other niceties). The only problem I had with the demo on the site's home page is that I had to reload the page in both Safari and WebKit before the chart rendered correctly. EJS Charts is free for personal use, and is so early in its life that documentation and examples are mostly missing for now. But this looks very promising indeed for any application that needs to display charted data on the web!
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