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Auto-Scrolling Alternative for Prototype Using $$ Function

Published March 18th, 2007
Tobie Langel - A Fistful of $$ As readers of Mars have no doubt noticed, I use an autoscroll function to make navigating to different sections of my somewhat lengthy articles easier and more, well, interesting. :-) Programmer Tobie Langel has published a prototype implementation of auto-scrolling that he feels is superior to the one I'm using, which uses the "Effect.ScrollTo" function. Hey, I'm always interesting in learning something new and better... And was a little distressed at how the readers of the post on Ajaxian pounced on Langel, acting as if existing tools had this function all wrapped up, and he was an idiot and troublemaker for suggesting an alternative. Very un-Mars-like, guys. I noticed in a subsequent Ajaxian post that the Prototype guys feel they've cleaned up Prototype's $$ function's speed problems in the latest beta, so maybe it's time to take a closer look at solutions like Langel's. His page of autoscroll demos is here.
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